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Learning Has Never Been More Exciting And Training Has Never Been More Effective With Our Interactive And Highly-Realistic VR Simulation Technology

Recreate Real-life Simulation

Train your teams and save time and space for training. Streamline the learning and training process and save work process resources. Create real spaces in the metaverse world, record the training, and add tools to analyze trainee activity.

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Recreate The Real-World In The Classroom

Now, you no longer have to rely on just blackboards or mock-trainings to educate your students and staff.

Give them a taste of the real-world and take education to the next level with our custom VR metaverse solutions.

Recreate Group Experiences For Team-Building

Prepare your team to work together and solve problems together by using one of our VR metaverse solutions for your team-building events.

From group challenges designed for your industry to entertaining multi-player games, we have just the right tools for you.

Build a fully-customized VR metaverse solution that is tailor-fitted to your business needs using our builder.

Recreate The Impossible & Prepare For Danger

With our technology we can simulate some of the most time-consuming, impractical or dangerous situations from the safety and comfort of a classroom, an office or a home.

Help your trainees be fully prepared for the real-world with our VR simulation technology.

Recreate History In The Museum

Give your visitors a time-machine experience into past, for a face-to-face experience with history.

From dinosaurs and prehistoric humans, to roman warriors and ancient tribes, there is no limit to what VR can recreate for your museum.

What Our Clients Have To Say​

With the help of the 1SYNC development team, we have developed a new prototype tool for training students for simulation-based teaching in a virtual reality environment.

The tool allows David Yellin College and our students to experience different challenging situations that occur in the classroom, in a "sterile" environment without having to actually attend the classroom.

Experiences receive feedback on how to deal with the challenging situation that the scenario in virtual reality has summoned them and conduct in-depth discussion later on to experiment.

Using this means lowers instructional costs, and allows students to develop their classroom management skills even before they leave the field. This will allow them to reach the classroom with a stronger sense of ability and having established their confidence and abilities in the field.

Dr. Tali marcus David Yellin College