The Low-Cost High-Return Option For Entertainment Businesses

What Makes Virtual-Reality Versesite The Most-Preferred Option For Your Entertainment Business?

Like most businesses in this space, you’re looking to maximize returns for minimal invested costs and minimal rented footprint. And most of all, you’re looking to make a strong impression on your customer.

Our Metaverse experiences beat the best alternatives in the entertainment space on cost, on entertainment value, on customizability and branding. InVerse provides VR Metaverse entertainment features for a wide variety of businesses:

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Why Choose InVerse?

What Our Clients Have To Say​

In our client activity at two of the largest conferences in the world that held in London and Stockholm over the course of a few weeks, we decided to add a VR branded experience to the pavilion that will draw attendees to the conferences.

The experience was a visual attraction and the participants told their friends about the experience, following the buzz that was created after In the first few hours of activity, we saw a long line of guests.

We have course took the opportunity to convey our messages to them and collect their contact information.

In our customer opinion (a large and international high-tech company) the experience was a great success! In the VR game, we were able to convey the main messages to the end customer, as a result, we collect a huge amount of leads - far more than any previous conference the client had performed.

Moni, Eventiko Production Company