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Creating Metaverse Museum & Gallery Experiences For Your Guests, Students, or Customers Has Never Been Easier

Welcome to the New Internet

Just like having a website became standard as the Internet expanded, offering a Metaverse Experience will soon be an expectation.

With the InVerse Builder, you can just drag and drop anything you want to create your own, customized environment, but if you don’t have the time or desire to do it on your own, we are here to help! 

We can build an experience for you to whatever specifications you require.
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3D Metaverse Gallery

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Bring your physical museum or gallery to your audience by recreating your location as a Metaverse Experience.

Add any JPEG or PNG file, complete with custom text, granting access to your artifacts and works of art to those who may otherwise never see them. But, instead of just clicking through a traditional website, your 3D gallery will maintain the interactive feeling of being at your physical site.

Host tour groups or class trips for patrons or students from anywhere in the world or walk clients through a presentation by actually walking them through your slides in your Metaverse Experience.

Key Features

PC\VR Cross Platform

Data Collection

Free Mini Games

Photos, Videos & Sound Support

NFT Gallery Integration

Up to 10 Different Rooms

Authentic Interactions

Join a multiuser experience with full-body avatars and unique nicknames, allowing your users to be themselves in your virtual space. Once inside, participants can engage in audio communication as a group or in private conversations among designated users.

Safety and Reliability

Relax knowing your Metaverse site is safely cloud hosted and password protected, providing control over who has access to your space and offering peace of mind about its availability.


Pull elements from our extensive premade catalogue of 3D models and playable objects and cover the walls with any existing image or video URL, giving you the opportunity to use custom branding, classic art, NFTs – anything your heart desires.

You can set the dimensions and add interactive information that becomes visible to users at the touch of a button, keeping the space looking clean while still letting you deliver important information.

Data Analytics

Receive useful data from all users such as not only how long they stayed, but what objects they interacted with, how long those interactions lasted, whether they skipped anything, came back to something, and more.

Not only are you giving your users a state-of-the-art Metaverse Experience, you’re also giving them the chance to provide useful feedback without asking them to fill out a form or survey.

What Our Clients Have To Say​

In our client activity at two of the largest conferences in the world that held in London and Stockholm over the course of a few weeks, we decided to add a VR branded experience to the pavilion that will draw attendees to the conferences.

The experience was a visual attraction and the participants told their friends about the experience, following the buzz that was created after In the first few hours of activity, we saw a long line of guests.

We have course took the opportunity to convey our messages to them and collect their contact information.

In our customer opinion (a large and international high-tech company) the experience was a great success! In the VR game, we were able to convey the main messages to the end customer, as a result, we collect a huge amount of leads - far more than any previous conference the client had performed.

Moni, Eventiko Production Company

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