Welcome to Inverse

Upgrade Your Website To The Metaverse

WHAT IS inverse?

InVerse is a Metaverse platform where users can easily transform their website from Web 2.0 to a Web 3.0 experience on PC, VR and Mobile.

With ‘Inverse’ builder, we offer an intuitive user experience for creating immersive virtual environments without coding.

We transform websites into ‘Versites’ !


It is all about EXPERIENCE and gaming components! a website owner can easily create environments, buildings, and interactive objects with the Inverse Builder and, Avatar Builder.


Owners of websites can significantly benefit from engaging their audience using interactive experiences in the metaverse, while having the ability to communicate directly and sell through experiences in the same virtual world.

Data & insights

Get to know your target audience with the Versite Dashboard. Multi-language experiences, costume branding systems, analytics of user habits, and more are available to help website owners to reach their goals.

InVerse Builder

Create your Metaverse world using intuitive builder

How to design a Versite?

1. Get InVerse App

Download Inverse Builder to any standard PC

2. Build your versite

Build your world, in a simple, fast, and intuitive. all you need is to drag & drop the assets & features you need.

3. Upload to cloud

After you finish your versite - you can upload it to your V-domain.

4. Enter your Metaverse!

You can enter via PCVR or any standard PC


Artur Aharoni

Co founder - CEO

Zvi Tubul Lavy

Co Founder - Head of R&D