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ארתור אהרוני

Artur began his entrepreneurial career at a young age.

Achieved expertise in marketing, sales, and entertainment, with a focus on user experience. 

Studied business management at Sapir College in Sderot, Israel. and later on, successfully led his team to 

Artur co-founded InVerse in 2016 with a deep belief that the metaverse will give significant value for people across generations. Along with managing the company’s day-to-day affairs, Artur was responsible for InVerse’s marketing strategies & operations.

In the last 6 years, Artur has established the company’s credibility in the metaverse field. Artur believes that the company’s success is based on its ability to think innovatively and its focus on recruiting people who want to make a difference.

These days Artur is a “Metaprenueur”, traveling all around the world virtually and lecturing about how the Metaverse can benefit humanity.

Artur’s favorite saying is: “We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”

Artur is married to Gal and they are parents to Emma, age 2.

Zvi Tubul-Lavy

Zvi is Head of R&D of Metaverses and blockchain in the last decade.

Holds B.A in communication, M.B.A specializes in entrepreneurship and information systems, digital media practical engineer, photo finishing diploma and nowadays- D B.A student with a thesis regarding metaverse and blockchain future.

Zvi also lectures at worldwide conferences and has few publications on VR topics. In his career, Zvi managed digital transformation projects such as credit card clearance, medical software transmission to a cloud system, and many entertainment products.

Zvi brings to the table deep research and academic value, connections to European partners, crisis management capabilities, and a strong vision of solving problems through technology.

At InVerse Zvi is responsible for the accounting and representing the company, Zvi manages all the ongoing research with the company partners in all fields. Zvi’s keen to lead a worldwide metaverse lab of research & development.

Zvi (34) is married to Rachel and father to Alona (3) and Tamar (1)




Unreal Dev


3D designer


Unreal Developer


3D designer

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