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The easiest way to create VR metaverse experience

PC Editing

Do you have time to make a coffee? Great, It is exactly the same time you need to make your VR experience in inVerse builder.

With our technology, you can create easily any experience or select one from the template collection.

And it’s all done intuitively using a PC – no VR headset, coding knowledge, or 3D expertise needed.

It’s that simple.

But if you need help or have issues, our team is here for you in our VR Academy.

High Quality VR Experience

Take advantage of our powerful platform based on Unreal Engine.

Our development team helps you get the highest quality, even if you’re not a developer.

Because our code includes shortcuts, it allows us to take care of the optimization and lighting for you, and we’ll continue working to make your experiences look awesome!

Have an idea? Please contact our developers.

Recreate The Real-World as

Is the high cost of rent or construction keeping you from the space of your dreams? Not anymore! Now you can build, delete, and rebuild your Versite over and over to make your space whatever you like.

One day it’s a museum or art gallery, and the next day it’s a training center, medical facility, or personal retreat. You can change your space easily to be whatever you want with the click of a button.

Build with accessibility in mind

We listen to your concerns and understand that, even in 2022, VR isn’t in every home.

We accepted this accessibility challenge and are proud to say you can now use a PC without VR, as well as PCVR, to access all our features.

What Our Clients Have To Say​

With the help of the Inverse development team, we have developed a new prototype tool for training students for simulation-based teaching in a virtual reality environment.

The tool allows David Yellin College and our students to experience different challenging situations that occur in the classroom, in a "sterile" environment without having to actually attend the classroom.

Experiences receive feedback on how to deal with the challenging situation that the scenario in virtual reality has summoned them and conduct in-depth discussion later on to experiment.

Using this means lowers instructional costs, and allows students to develop their classroom management skills even before they leave the field. This will allow them to reach the classroom with a stronger sense of ability and having established their confidence and abilities in the field.

Dr. Tali marcus David Yellin College

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