Champions of ZIRA

Within the InVerse City, you can find your way to the Zira – there, anything is possible. If you’re smart, agile, strong, and lucky enough, victory will be yours. Choose one of the heroes below and compete for the biggest rewards.


Champions of Zira is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that allows non-VR players – those same fans in the stands – to participate in the match with real benefits and consequences for their selected champion.


Downtown Stabby

The Vindicator

Alice Noble of City Center loved waking up every morning and watching her brother compete in the Zira until one day he lost his vision in an accident. Since then, she vowed to dominate the Zira herself since he cannot.


The Revenger

A humble sanitation engineer from his beloved Dominia, Tony works day and night so he can afford the very best equipment to give him the edge he needs to claim victory in the Zira – or at least never lose to his hated rival from Provincia.


The Mad Professor

After losing his prestigious job as Head of Robotics, Harold Boyd of Gardania decided to put all his efforts into creating a new AI-operated robot, AR0-807, who makes all his decisions for him, including what to do when acting as his champion in the Zira.


The Prodigy

Xochitl Valdez of Mechania is a young, nervous, awkward genius in life, yet in the Zira, she’s able to express herself as a strong, confident, intimidating warrior who stands sever virtual feet tall.


The Mysterious Figure

x8mint represents The Rim, the poor, would-be forgotten sector that much of InVerse City regards as their dumpster. Little is known about x8mint as their identity remains unknown.


The Narcissist

Provincia’s Arthur Archibald Dunmore the 9th, a descendant of one of the richest families in InVerse City, joined the Zira to prove to everyone that there’s more to him than money, he’s also the best player out there – much better than his rival from Dominia.